International Youth Social Anti-Corruption Advertising Competition

Together Against Corruption!

Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation I.V. Krasnov

Dear friends!
Successful social and economic development of any state is impossible without ensuring an adequate quality of life for citizens. Effectively combating corruption is an essential condition of this.

The competition organizer is the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation
Interstate anti-corruption council

Terms of the competition

Date of commencing the acceptance of competition entries:
Deadline for the acceptance of competition entries:

About the competition

The authors and co-authors of the competition entries shall be Including the applicants for participation as the creative team members at the age of 14-35 years
Total entries received: 11469

The competition is held in the following nominated categories:

  • Best video

    mp4, resolution of not more than 1920x1080p, not more than 300 MB.
  • Best poster

    A3 format (297x420 mm) with the correct aspect ratio