Dear friends!

Successful social and economic development of any state is impossible without ensuring an adequate quality of life for citizens. Effectively combating corruption is an essential condition of this.

The prosecution authorities of the Russian Federation continuously carry out focused work in the field of countering corruption which evolves all the time and emerges in various forms and spheres of social relations.

Among the successful experiences within the framework of anti-corruption outreach is the annual International Youth Contest of Social Anti-Corruption Advertising “Together against Corruption!” which has been conducted by the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation since 2018.

This year’s contest is organized under the auspices of the Interstate Council on Combating Corruption.

The practice of its conduction showed that such projects are in demand among the young who have their own ideas and views about combating this phenomenon.

The contestants are to prepare posters and videos on the subject “Together against Corruption!”, expressing their attitude towards corruption there, and show the desire to live in the world free from it. Thus we will call additional attention of the society to this crucial problem.

The names of the winners of the contest will be announced on 9 December 2023, in the International Anti-Corruption Day.

I wish the participants of the project good luck and creative achievements!

Prosecutor General
of the Russian Federation
I.V. Krasnov